Prayers for week beginning 27th July

Monday 27th July
Thank God for Tim Lea's message yesterday.

Tuesday 28th July
Pray for those suffering from mental health issues especially during these unprecedented times.

Wednesday 29th July
Remember all those that have family members in care homes and those in isolation.

Thursday 30th July
Pray for those families who are struggling at home with balancing life at this present time.

Friday 31st
Pray: Lord, help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I can't handle together.

Saturday 1st August
Thank God for the work that people do in the background to allow us to worship remotely.

Sunday 2nd August
Pray for Andrew as he leads this morning's service and for Candid as she gets closer to the date that their baby is due.

Thank you to Jacqueline B for the prayers this week.

Prayers for week beginning 3rd August

MONDAY 3rd August
Look outside, is it wet or does the sunshine? If you have a garden what does that look like? Argents Mead looks wonderful at this time! You are sitting in and looking at God's creation. Thank him for it, think about its wonder and beauty. Think how large it is.

TUESDAY 4th August
Imagine you are in church on a Sunday morning. Think about those who sit next to you or near you. It's been a long time since we worshipped together in Church. Pray for these people. For their families. Pray that it will not be long before we can meet again safely.

WEDNESDAY 5th August
There are millions who have suffered with the virus, but sadly many live in countries which do not have the resources, the technology, nor the money to cope with all the sick. Pray for these people and pray that the rich countries, like ours, will help them.

THURSDAY 6th August
last week we were encouraged to "Pray: Lord, help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I can't handle together." (I think that is a wonderful line!) How do you feel one week later? Remember we have a promise made to us by Jesus that He would be with us always. But we have to trust HIM!

FRIDAY 7th August
Do you like standing in a queue? We may have to be patient because we will need to stand in queues for some time yet. Pray for those people who are working to make/discover a vaccine that will protect us all from Covid-19. Once it is ready there then may be a scramble as the countries of the world try to get enough doses for its people. This could be a time when the countries of the world need to work with each other!

SATURDAY 8th August
There are many people who have lost their jobs recently. Others may fear for their jobs. Remember all these people before God. There are children suffering at this time through no fault of their own. Pray for them.

SUNDAY 9th August
Pray for Andrew who is leading our worship today. Ask the Lord to bless him as he brings the message God has given to him. Pray for the people who may just be looking, browsing the internet, may the words spoken be heard and understood. Pray that people may find God for the first time. I pray that all of us will hear what God is saying to us through Andrew!

Thank you to George L for the prayers this week.