Prayers for week beginning 11th January

Monday 11th
Pandemic lock down no. 3. Pray for all those working in occupations on the 'front line' combating the covid 19, who on daily basis jeopardise their own safety doing essential work to help protect the rest of us. Bless them and keep them safe.

Tuesday 12th
As you prepare your meals today, look at the labels on your fruit and veg and tins to see where they come from. Give thanks for the farmers who have planted the crops, nurtured them through growth until they are ready for harvesting so that we can enjoy the fruits of the earth.

Wednesday 13th
Pray for all those for whom the lock down will cause immense hardship with the loss of employment and the collapse of businesses. Many people will face financial difficulties so pray that help and support from Government and charities may be made available to all who need it.

Thursday 14th
Give praise and thanks that God is our 'rod and staff' as we walk through these difficult times. Look around at your friends and family to see if any need you to be their rod and staff.

Friday 15th
Remember all those Christians in other lands who are persecuted and discriminated against for their faith. Pray that God will give them strength and courage to maintain their work and witness as they face the challenged and demands of a hostile community.

Saturday 16th
Daffodils are already inches high and herald the coming of spring in a few weeks. Rejoice and thank God for his wonderful creation and pray that in 2021 Governments across the world will do what is necessary to combat the damage being done to our environment by the effects of climate change.

Sunday 17th
As we prepare to engage in worship and communion on this sabbath day in our own homes, pray that we may feel a oneness even though we are apart. Pray for all ministers and lay persons who will conduct worship today and grant that all may listen to your word and the message delivered and seek in the coming week to be faithful and trustworthy disciples.

Thank you to Malcolm H for the prayers this week

Prayers for week beginning 18th January

During my Ministerial training we were asked to write a modern Psalm. Mine started. "I have never been to Bethlehem..." What follows is based upon that Psalm.
Here is a challenge for us all. Why not try and write one during this lock-down time. If you are brave enough, send it to me and I will put all I get together and then send them to those on our Prayer List!

Monday 18th
I have never been to Bethlehem but I have held a new born baby and been filled with joy. Such wonder, such beauty.
Just think about all the new babies born recently. Pray for the parents, the home in which they will live. Sadly not all babies are welcome. What will happen to these children?

Tuesday 19th
I have never seen the workshop in Nazareth where Jesus helped Joseph, but I have been in many workshops where skills are used to make wonderful items.
Give thanks for those who have used their skill and experience to design the Covid 19 Vaccines. Pray that more and more people will be vaccinated. We need to think too of those countries who do not have the finances to purchase any vaccines!

Wednesday 20th
I have never seen the Temple in Jerusalem where Jesus asked questions of the teachers.
Today pray for our Young People who are distance learning, using technology to study. Think of those who find this difficult and those who miss being with others.

Thursday 21st
I have never seen the Sea of Galilee where Jesus met 4 fishermen and invited them to follow him and He would teach them to become Fishers of Men.
Today remember when God called you to become a Christian, to become involved in one of His projects. Is He calling you today to take on new responsibilities?

Friday 22nd
I have never been in the upper room and watched Jesus serve bread and wine. But I have stood behind a table and invited people to take their shoes off as they were "on Holy Ground".
Just think for a few moments about when you eat Bread and drink Wine in Memory of Jesus?

Saturday 23rd
I have never been to Calvary and watched the action on that first Good Friday. I have stood in front of a half-life size crucifix.
Had you been there on Good Friday where would you have stood?

Sunday 10th
"The tomb was empty." they said. Jesus gone. And then He spoke to Mary.
Pray that Jesus will speak to you as you worship Him today. Pray for all those who watch the service on You Tube at home. Offer your thanks to God for the people in our Church who put the services together each week.

Thank you to George Lea for the prayers this week