Prayers for week beginning 14th June "EUROS"

Monday 14th
E - Enjoyment in the good weather & being able to do things with friends & family again

Tuesday 15th June
U - Understanding of your Word however we may receive it

Wednesday 16th
R - Remembering all those we have lost over the past year

Thursday 17th
O - Our Church & all those involved

Friday 18th
S - Sorry for all the times we have done wrong

Saturday 19th
Looking forward to the reopening of the country from lockdown

Sunday 20th
Today is Father's Day, let us pray for all fathers that are in or have been in our lives

Thank you to Jacqueline B for the prayers this week

Prayers for week beginning 21st June

Wear the full armour of God - Ephesians 6: 10 - 18

Monday 21st
Thank you God, that you have given us strength in you by giving us full armour to be protected and the gifts to help us fight against the evils of this world and the spiritual warfares that surround us. Help us to use this armour to stand strong!

Tuesday 22nd
The belt of truth. Help us focus on the truth you give us in the bible. Thank you God that we can seek your will in our lives and use the truth of the bible to make the right choices and to share with others.

Wednesday 23rd
The breastplate of righteousness. Help me to be righteous and to live an honest life with you. Help me to obey your word and put it into practice in my life today and to not fall weak to wordly ways.

Thursday 24th
The Good news of Peace. Thank you that you give us hope every day of our lives as we remember everything that you sacrificed because of your for love us. Help us in whatever our situation, to walk with you with peace in our hearts knowing the eternal life you promise for your believers.

Friday 25th
The shield of faith Thank you God that you promise to protect us and be by our side. We pray that when hard times come that we can remember those promises. That when we call on you and you will protect us, never leave us and never forsake us. You are a good God.

Saturday 26th
The helmet of salvation. Thank you God for sending Jesus to die for each of us - so that we can be saved and have eternal life with you. May the knowledge of this victory over death give us salvation to light the way to carry us home with you.

Sunday 27th
The sword of the Spirit. Thank you God that you have given us your word in the bible and the Holy spirit to enable us to have power and strength to overcome evil. May we read your word, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help us in our Christian journey. We pray to the Holy Spirit for help, to give us everything we need to do your work and help us never give up telling each and every person about how amazing it is to live a life with you.

Thank you to Rachel C. for the prayers this week