Prayers for week 19th October - based on Psalm 23

Mon 19th October - "The Lord's my shepherd"
God, you are always looking out for me, by my side, guiding me, protecting me and caring for me because you love me!

Tues 20th October - "I shall not want"
God you are with me always - you give me everything I need. You said, ask and you shall receive - help me to realise the difference between my wants and my needs and to understand that you are the answer.

Wed 21st October - "He makes me lie in pastures green"
May I take time today from my busy life to rest in God, focus on God and ask God to nourish my body, mind and spirit.

Thurs 22nd October - "He leads me by the still waters"
May I take time today to look at the beauty of creation, the wonder of creation and be still to listen and feel peace.

Fri 23rd October - "His goodness restores my soul"
Thank you God that whatever I may have been through, the fears I have had and the sadness I have felt I have been looked after and made better by you and you will continue to do this all of my life.

Sat 24th October - "I will trust in you alone"
At this difficult time - may I put my trust in God to be by my side at all times, to give peace, strength and a sense of carrying me all through the coronavirus situationand whatever else I may be struggling with.

Sunday 25th October - "Your goodness will lead me home"
No matter what I have done, said, thought and will do - may I remember that you died on the cross for me! and I can look to you for guidance,forgiveness and an amazing relationship with you for now and eternity.

For our prayers this week we need to thank the members of the Cobb home. Thanks to all who had a part to play in writing them.

Prayers for week beginning 26th October

Mon 26th
Light of the world You stepped down into darkness
Pray for God to open our eyes and let us see His hand at work in the world today and to worship Him as the maker and creator of we behold.

Tue 27th
I'm accepted, I'm forgiven
No matter how hard we try, we always depart from God's way and plans for us. Pray for Him to forgive us for those things we do wrong as we need His forgiveness to redeem us.

Wed 28th
What a friend we have in Jesus
Let us remember that God is not only our heavenly Father, not only our Saviour, not only our constant companion, but He is also our friend and confident.

Thu 29th
When we walk with the Lord
We should always remember to bring all our worries, concerns, problems and our wrongdoings to the feet of Jesus, and then leave them there. If we take them back they will always be with us.

Fri 30th
God is working His purpose out
God is forever at work in this world, whether we realise it or not. Pray that He strengthens and sustains us, until He comes again.

Sat 31st
I see Your face in every sunrise
We only have to look at the sunrise, the sunset, or every flower and every flower and tree to look upon God's hand at work. We all can look at God's creation if we only open our eyes and hearts.

Sun 1st
For all the saints
Today is all saints day, the day we remember all those who have gone before us, those who remained in your service. Pray that we remain just as steadfast in our worship and service. And pray for all who will be leading worship today.

Thank you to George for the prayers this week.