Please Note: We are now meeting in a restricted way due to COVID19

Rainbows are the youngest age group of the Girlguiding movement for girls from five to seven years of age.  Rainbows promotes learning, friendship building and play and is intended as a means of instilling confidence in small children so that they bond and play together as equals without barriers or prejudice.  They take part in games and activities that all come under the banner of the "Rainbow Jigsaw".  Rainbows meet at the church on a Friday evening at 6.30pm.

Having successfully completed their Rainbow stage the girls move onto being a Brownie.  Brownies is for girls of seven to ten years of age.  Being a Brownie involves being part of a pack built up of smaller units referred to as "Sixes".  This is designed to ensure that all of the girls in a "Six" have a unit of "ready made friends" and can interact and mix with those around them, which helps to build up confidence.  Weekly meetings include a variety of activities including craft, cooking, singing, badge work and even trips out.  Brownies also have the chance to go on holidays together.  Brownies meet at the church on a Wednesday evening at 6.15pm.


Guides is for girls from ten to fourteen years of age.  Guides form patrols, in a similar way to the Brownies before them with their "sixes", but these "patrols" are encouraged to plan their own activities and elect their own patrol leader who will be instrumental in helping plan activities and also act as a mentor for the others in the group.  This role - and the role of the others in the group - is designed to help the girls build confidence and also build up their ability to plan and take control of their own lives, skills which will be invaluable in adult life.  Meetings have a wide range of activities from cooking & crafts, to badge work & outdoor activities.  Guides can go camping, take part in adventurous activities such as abseiling, and go on holidays with their unit.  Guides meet at the church on a Wednesday evening at 6.15pm


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