Vision 2020- Our vision for the next five years

Discussion is taking place within the Elders and Church Meeting at present and "Our Vision 2020" statement will appear on this page shortly.

Vision 2015- Our vision for the last five years

At a church meeting held after the morning service on 27th February 2011 we agreed to set ourselves the following targets:-

1. To become a House of Prayer for all Nations

  • to appoint a quarterly-meeting subgroup with the mandate to devise prayer initiatives that will engage all members of the congregation
  • To encourage all Elders to pray regularly for an alphabetical section of our congregational list, and for a section of the weekly activities of the church and to encourage others to do the same
  • To be a church where persons of all ages, and all races can and do meet with God, and where fellowship is developed

2. To be a confident Church engaged in Mission

  • To prepare for a Local Ministry and Mission Review
  • To continue to provide relevant Christian faith finding and discipleship development projects for all interested parties
  • To have an outward looking mission mindset in all our activities

3. To continue to invest in our Youth and Children's work

  • To find ways of continuing to fund a dedicated Y&C worker
  • To support, encourage and pray for all Y&C work volunteer leadership
  • To encourage and pray for growth in our church based Y&C work
  • To appoint a quarterly meeting subgroup with responsibility to oversee the above

4. To prepare for Ministerial vacancy

  • To appoint a quarterly meeting subgroup to oversee pastoral care
  • To appoint a quarterly meeting subgroup to oversee arrangements for Sunday worship
  • To create an up to date pastorate profile including Mission pledges and goals
  • To ensure a strong vibrant Eldership which can oversee administration, organisation and communications in consultation with the subgroups mentioned

5. To continue to upkeep our buildings as fit for purpose and make alterations to enhance the Ministry and Mission of the Church consistent with the above

  • To support the quarterly meeting subgroup which oversees Finance and Fabric
  • To undertake whatever building developments are deemed necessary by the Church Meeting